Sunday, 31 August 2014

Summer Soundtrack

It's here guys. It's officially the last day of summer. I shouldn't get ahead of myself though, because it is not all bad. A/W fashion is great, and with September comes fashion weeks galore, but I still find it sad to really acknowledge the termination of the summer months. I thought I would put together a little playlist of the songs that have carried me through this summer.

An obvious feature on the list is my absolute fave Ed Sheeran, who, with his June release of his 2nd album x, have been constantly on repeat. I think I might have mentioned Lewis Watson before as well, as I went to his concert in late June and he recently dropped his debut album the morning. His song outgrow has become a firm favorite of mine. Newer discoveries counts BANKS, who I may have fallen in love with; Foals, who I have listened to previously, but my love got rekindled; and AWOLNATION, whose music got me singing into my hairbrush. I've dug out an old favored tune from The 1975, and tossed in one of my best-liked tracks from Daughter as well as one from Danish shooting star, MØ. I've also come to be slightly obsessed with the voice of Vance Joy, and Riptide quickly made the list of best songs (possibly) ever. I've saved the best for last, because the real crown jewel (besides Mr. Sheeran, of course) here is Prides. A Scottish band, which I discovered through blogger Kate from gh0stparties, and I have rarely listened to anything else the past month. They're still relatively small, so they don't have a load of tracks out yet, but every single one of the ones you do find on Spotify, are genuinely amazing. So good, I can't even pick a favorite. (Okay, maybe I can. It's Messiah. But it's a close call.)
What have you been listening to this summer? 
Take care xx

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Topshop shirt | H&M jeans | Birkenstocks | Zara bag

This is the last of my London pictures, I promise. If you want to check out the rest of my London instagrams (or my non-London instagrams), head over to my instagram here.

Take care xx
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Taking Outfit Pictures On Oxford Street Is Awkward (And Other Musings)

H&M blouse |Topshop Jeans | Forever21 flats | Zara bag
Now, I don't mean to brag, but these are probably the worst outfit pictures ever taken. Why am I sharing them, you ask? Well, because I still really liked my outfit. And let's face it, as much as I really wish I was one of those cool bloggers who always looks amazing on pictures, I am not. I'm awkward. Taking outfit pictures is awkward. Especially in public. And definitely especially on Oxford Street, I found out. People stare at you, and some even yell stuff at you - some good, some bad. Most people just stare, though. I don't think I will ever stop feeling awkward taking pictures, but I definitely think I am getting used to it. Because as awkward as I think it is, it is all worth it if you upload a picture and ONE person likes it, even if it is my mom. Because that means that someone actually likes what you do as much as I do myself. Maybe none of this made sense, but hey, look at my shirt sleeves! Aren't they cool?

Take care xx
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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Daisy Dream Tag & Giveaway

Marc Jacobs Diays Dream 50ml eau de toilette*
If you haven't already seen, I am hosting a Little giveaway, giving two of my readers a chance to win the brand new scent from Marc Jacobs, Daisy Dream. I am finding a winner next Sunday, so this is the last week to enter! You can find all the details to enter the giveaway in MY ORIGINAL POST HERE. I thought I would do the 'Dreams Tag' connected to this perfume, as I have seen floating around on Youtube among bloggers and vloggers.

· What are you currently day dreaming about?
The weather suddenly got ridiculously cold here in Denmark, so I am day dreaming about enjoying the very last bit of summer with some decent weather! That, and the trip to NYC I'm going on at the end of September.

· What three items live in your dream wardrobe?
Mulberry Alexa bag, Acne knitwear and Alexander Wang boots!

· Who's your dream celeb look-alike?
I think Emma Watson, Alexa Chung and Barbara Palvin are all gorgeous.

· In your eyes, who's currently "living the dream"?
I can't think of a particular person, but someone who is thoroughly happy must be living the dream.

· What do you dream of more; love or money?
Love! Although I won't lie and say that money isn't important, because it is.

· Your dream holiday escape?
In terms of places I haven't been, I would love to go to California, Fiji and Hawaii.

· Did your childhood dreams ever come true?
I don't think I can answer this just yet! I'm not really an adult yet.

· If one of your dreams could come true right now, what would it be?
Winning the lottery wouldn't be the worst thing in the world right now, otherwise it might have to include some handsome celebrity declaring his love for me........

That was my answers to the 'Dreams Tag'! I would be very interested to hear your answers, and please don't forget to ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! All the details are in this blogpost, and it ends August 30th!

Take care and good luck xx

Friday, 22 August 2014

London Photo Diary

Moments from my recent trip to London. I went with my friends and fellow bloggers Carré and Katie, and met up with Jilly and Rikke, as well as Carré's boyfriend, Peter.

Take care xx
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Brick Lane (Alternative Title: Did I Actually Wear My Pajamas Outside?)

Monki shirt | H&M trousers | Adidas sneakers | Zara bag
I recently came back from a few days spent with my friends in London. London is probably my favorite city in the world and I will never get sick of visiting there. We went to check out Brick Lane, as neither of us had ever been, and I really loved the vibe of the markets there, not to mention the street art. I snatched up this shirt on sale in Monki before I went, and I think I would go as far to say it is my favorite shirt. Ever. It look like I'm wearing my pajamas, and I'm pretty sure that is the best thing about it. I also have a soft spot for my new Adidas Superstar II sneakers. More London pictures coming soon.

Take care xx
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