Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Future of Fashion: 3 by 3 app

Bring out the smartphones, peeps, it's app time. Very soon, the new fashion app 3by3 is launching, and you have the opportunity to reserve your space on the app now, so you're one step ahead when it all goes live.

On the app you will be able to:
1) Create your own space with your personal and dream wardrobe, outfits, and favorite brands, carving your space on the app with your sense of style.
2) Follow other people whose wardrobe you love and draw inspiration from.
3) Gain followers and inspire people with your style every time you post!
4) Get featured on the Discover page as a most inspirational/talented fashionista and gain mega exposure.

The idea is that you have your own space where you can showcase your personal style and find inspiration from others - kind of like a more extended version of Instagram, only with fashion!

I've been in contact with the two lovely girls behind the app to give you guys the opportunity to reserve your username and space on the app. All you have to do is go to http://www.3by3app.com/ , enter your info and register with the code katarinajulie. I'm looking forward to seeing your spaces when the app launches. Happy app'ing!

Take care xx

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Some Blogs I Like

I spend a lot of my time blogging, and I spend even more time reading blogs. I follow 120 blogs on my bloglovin, all of which I love, and read on a daily basis. I've picked out 5 of said blogs, which are my all time faves, and thought I would share the love and tell you all why I like these blogs so much.

The Little Magpie
Amy from The Little Magpie is a woman after my heart: she's funny, she has impeccable style and she uses Friends-references almost as much as I do. Her posts never fail to make me laugh and her tendency to dress like Russell Brand (or occasionally Will.I.Am) is A+ in my book. To top that off, she has the best accent ever, and does really cute "his and hers" style posts with her boyfriend. Amy, will you marry me?
- 3 posts to read: Monochrome (because monochrome), All Saints Leather Baby (maxi layering like a baw$), They're Ribbed For Your Pleasure (Friends reference, anyone?)

Look Sharp, Sconnie
Gabrielle, the brains behind Look Sharp, Sconnie is another girl and blog-crush of mine. She's so interesting and very witty about fashion, and I love the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously. Her writing skills are amazing, her style is the bomb dot com, aaaaand she's been Community Correspondant for Polyvore during NYFW which automatically makes her damn cool.
- 3 posts to read: How To Not Hate Photos of Yourself (SAME. Very important post.), What To Wear To NYFW: A Case For Sweatpants (that outfit is *high-five/praying hands emoji* and the photos are great), 12 Things "Fashion" Bloggers Do When They're Together (it's funny 'cause it's true.)

Jim Chapman
Not only do I read blogs, I also watch a load of Youtube videos, and Jim Chapman alongside his fiancé Tanya Burr are my all-time favorites. Both of them have great blogs as well, but I really love Jim's because it is so fun, and he seems like such a genuine and nice person. He doesn't post very often, but his posts (and videos) are very personal, and I like snooping in people's lives.
- 3 posts to read: Art Work (making me wish I could draw!), Mulberry Photo Shoot (major relationship envy, how cute are they??), Living The Good Life (healthy and fashionable!)

Style The Natives
Style The Natives and Charly, the author, is my most recent obsession. She's absolutely gorgeous, writes heart-wrenchingly accurate pieces and is very clever with words. She's also a member of the JacksGap team AND Creative Media Production Assistant for Burberry, which sounds like the coolest jobs ever.
- 3 posts to read: A Single Girls Plea (is this me? did I write this subconsciously?), I Can Confidently Say I Am Not A Shit Person (an important reminder), What I'm Wearing #3 (in which Charly shows you how to co-ord)

Into The Fold
Fellow (half) Dane Camilla writes Into The Fold, and I cannot believe she is 2 years younger than me and approximately 200 times cooler. Her writing is funny and captivating, and her sense of style is incredible and SO up my scandi-monochrome street.
- 3 posts to read: Guess Who's Back (just LOOK at those Acne sneakers), Ugly Shoes and Liberation (preach it sista), Going Back To My Roots (CPH representin'(and the shoes again))

Other blogs worth mentioning: Cocobeautea (because how can anyone look that good all the time?), Tanya Burr (because she is just as cute as her other half), Beautycrush (because she is the epitome of cool and effortless), Modern Legacy (because she is the QUEEN OF MONOCRHOME), Steve Booker (because he has a great male style blog, with a dash of travelling and coffee - what more can you ask for?), Olsens Anonymous (because my obsession with the Olsen Twins has not dulled since I was 10), Sincerely Jules (because she has the most incredible pictures to share).

What are some of your favorite blogs?
Take care xxx

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

D'ya want to go to the seaside?

H&M top and jeans | Forever21 shoes
Last week, the weather was amazing considering it's technically fall now, so my friend and I decided to take our bikes out to this little gem of a spot we've found, and enjoy our lunch in the sun, on one of the last proper summer days. It was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't help snapping away on my camera. I even brought my polaroid camera, and took a few pictures with that as well.

Take care xx

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Budget Perfumes

When you think of Zara, the first thing to pop in your head isn't "perfumes", is it? Well, perhaps it should be. I absolutely adore the clothes at Zara, but the perfumes in there is definitely worth giving a sniff as well. I didn't realize they even did fragrances before I was gifted one for my birthday a few years ago, and since then I've slowly built up a small collection. These scents all smell absolutely divine and has the longevity of any high-end eau de toilette - for a fraction of the price! All the perfumes at Zara is around the £10 mark, so extremely budget friendly, and amazing considering the quality of the product. I have five different scents, all of which I use on a daily basis, and I would definitely reccommend checking out Zara's selection, if you're looking for a new fragrance that won't break the bank.

Zara Woman 'Fruity'
Notes: Grapefruit, rose, vanilla, amber & sandalwood.
- The most 'grown up' of the scents that I have, though still very fresh. The deeper notes of amber and sandalwood makes it sophisticated, but the fruity-ness lifts the scent.

Zara 'Evening Collection: Sweet'
Notes: Floral, amber & musk.
- It is very sweet, but not sickly at all, as it is mostly floral. As the name would suggest, I find this very suitable for evenings.

Zara 'Black Peony'
Notes: Patchouli, peony & vanilla.
- Slightly heavier scent than the rest, and very sweet. I find I like to wear this more in the winter months.

Zara 'Tulle'
Notes: Melon, red fruits & sugar.
- Possibly my favorite of the lot. Very playful and very sweet, but again, not sickly. I feel like this is the smell of summer, and I love wearing it through spring and summer.

Zara 'From Zara With Love' (I have the rollerball, it is also available in full size.)
Notes: Mandarin, pear, jasmine, vanilla, amber & musk.
- Sweet, fruity and fresh, suitable for all year round. The notes of pear are very strong, and the scent will last you throughout the day.

I hope you liked this post, and be sure to let me know if you have tried any of the Zara fragrances!

Take care xx

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"Look, it has pockets!"

- me, everytime I buy someting that has pockets (unless I'm alone, in which case I probably would just think it, not say it out loud.)
Primark bracelet | Ring from Brick Lane market | Marc by Marc Jacobs watch & phone case
Zara shirt | Topshop jeans (DIY rips) | Adidas sneakers
For instance, the fact that this shirt (shirt-dress?) has pockets, made me want to buy it even more. Every article of clothing becomes significantly better if it has pockets, it's scientific. I wish it was slightly longer, so I was able to wear it as a proper dress, but I guess that's just the curse of being tall. 

Take care xx

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Summer Soundtrack

It's here guys. It's officially the last day of summer. I shouldn't get ahead of myself though, because it is not all bad. A/W fashion is great, and with September comes fashion weeks galore, but I still find it sad to really acknowledge the termination of the summer months. I thought I would put together a little playlist of the songs that have carried me through this summer.

An obvious feature on the list is my absolute fave Ed Sheeran, who, with his June release of his 2nd album x, have been constantly on repeat. I think I might have mentioned Lewis Watson before as well, as I went to his concert in late June and he recently dropped his debut album the morning. His song outgrow has become a firm favorite of mine. Newer discoveries counts BANKS, who I may have fallen in love with; Foals, who I have listened to previously, but my love got rekindled; and AWOLNATION, whose music got me singing into my hairbrush. I've dug out an old favored tune from The 1975, and tossed in one of my best-liked tracks from Daughter as well as one from Danish shooting star, MØ. I've also come to be slightly obsessed with the voice of Vance Joy, and Riptide quickly made the list of best songs (possibly) ever. I've saved the best for last, because the real crown jewel (besides Mr. Sheeran, of course) here is Prides. A Scottish band, which I discovered through blogger Kate from gh0stparties, and I have rarely listened to anything else the past month. They're still relatively small, so they don't have a load of tracks out yet, but every single one of the ones you do find on Spotify, are genuinely amazing. So good, I can't even pick a favorite. (Okay, maybe I can. It's Messiah. But it's a close call.)
What have you been listening to this summer? 
Take care xx

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Topshop shirt | H&M jeans | Birkenstocks | Zara bag

This is the last of my London pictures, I promise. If you want to check out the rest of my London instagrams (or my non-London instagrams), head over to my instagram here.

Take care xx
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